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Welcome to readle.co.uk Engineering Tools and Guidance, this website is designed as a collection of useful information, tools and guides to help undertake Engineering tasks.

I hope you find the contents of this website useful and informative, the website is broken down into the following area:

  • About - General information about the site, the author and the banner photos.
  • Blog - Check out the blog area to stay up to date with Engineering discussions from myself and other industry colleagues.
  • Articles - A list of articles on a range of Engineering subjects, starting from first principals to information relevent to industry.
  • Forum - Currently under construction. Check back when it's open to discussion Engineering problems and find solutions.
  • Tools - A range of FREE web hosted tools are provided to automate some Engineering tasks.
  • References - A catalogue of useful look-up information for Engineering professionals contained all in one place.
  • Useful Links - Links to other useful Engineering websites is contained here, along with a commentary.
  • Contact - Got any comments or questions? Submit them using the contact form.

If you have any questions about the website and content, or have any comments, please get in contact using the contact form in the Contact section.

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